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Jalu Kaba X

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In this video I play Arturia Analog Lab Lite, on patches: 1. Astral Voices 2. Sync Seq 3. Berliner 4. Acid Binge 5. Sarrar 6. Volt-aged Piano 7. Reversed 8. Ring Leader 9. New Vision 10. American Init 11. Jazz Time 12. Love & Happiness 13. Midrange 14. Dark Ballad 15. Chorus Me 16. PianoStrings Ensemble 17. Arp & Lead 18. Blade of Canada 19. Stage & Synth 20. Cinema Layer 21. Dual Arp 22. Haruto's Mystic Split 23. Glass Key 24. Brajamusti (This is my own preset) 25. Gentle Arpeggios

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Spiritual Injection
Jalu Kaba X
Welcome to the Worlds
The World Is a Joke?
Groaning Mother Earth
Hi Me, Wake Up!
Understand the Essence
Walk in the Fog
Discuss with the Midnight
Travel to the other dimensions
Jalu Kaba X
The Start Of The Journey
Floating In An Empty World
The Heat Will Make You Fall Asleep
In The Middle Of The Trip
Nature Dances
The Singing Sky
End Of Trip
Go Back Home
Multiverse of the Sounds: Earth
Jalu Kaba X
The Crust Emotion
Movement in the Mantle
The Mantle Breath
Heat from the Core
The Outer Core of You
Heat from the Core: Variations
The Outer Core of You: Empty
River of the Magma
The Inner Core of You
Sangkan Paraning Dumadi
This album is about the philosophy of the nature of life. Contains seven songs with various genres. Like Metal, Rock, Electro, Pop, and others.
Album EP Bundle vol.1
This bundle containing Travel to the Other Dimensions Album and Manunggaling Kawula Gusti EP
Spiritual Injection
I'm trapped, I don't know what else to do, I'm bored, tired, tired, bored, bored, and don't know where my life is going. Over the years in that state ... My father introduced me to his best friend, and then he became my mentor. He is the one who gave me the Spiritual Injection
Travel to the other dimensions
This album is an instrumental type containing 8 songs, telling about the spiritual journey of a spiritual traveler, wherein the process of his journey, he can only capture spiritual intuitions in trajectories, not yet established and idealized.

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