About Me And This Blog

Hi … ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Š, I am Jalu Kaba or JX or Jalu Kaba X. I am the owner, author, web developer, and web designer of this blog.ย 

About JX
Jalu Kaba

The progress or development of science and technology is increasingly rapid bringing people to a life that they might never have imagined. Many things that used to take a long time to complete, in this day and age can be done quickly and instantaneously.

From another point of view, the existence of science and technology in this era is considered a setback rather than human science and technology.

Because humans now rely too much on their physical devices, devices outside their bodies, and other external aids to solve or settle all their affairs.

So because of the habit of using external tools which then become the nature of humans today, unconsciously people of this age are slowly but must have forgotten the innate science and technology of origin, which in the past this science and technology had been a dominance in early human life.

Science and innate technologies are internal science and technology, or spiritual/spiritual science and technology.

This blog containing content about various things I like to read, hear and watch. Such as the theme of science, technology, movies, anime, books, music, etc.

With my background who had studied knowledge about Sufism or Mysticism, so the discussion in this blog will run from the other side and from a different perspective.

That is a discussion that combines the discussion from the point of view of external science or general science, with the viewpoint of the science of internal human sciences or commonly known in sufism or mysticism study as macrifat. Where in my opinion, both are not ideal to be separated. Bothย need each other and complement each other.

Hopefully it will be useful for those who need it, hopefully, a very very small knowledge point in this blog can be part of the history of the spread of knowledge that contains the message of knowledge, kindness, and peace.

This blog is specifically dedicated to people who are never tired and bored to always support me, remind me, help me and always be around me. Even though in my vexed anger, they complained without saying that I was heading towards consciousness.

Thank you infinitely for all of you.

Thank you for visiting, happy reading and peace. Cheers…